V Trepanier

A project I began in preparation for a storyboard class. This project includes environment & prop concepts, character designs, animations, and more. Heavily inspiried by some of my favourite animated series, such as Adventure Time, Hilda, Kipo & the Age of Wonderbeasts, and others.

Fish World

Big Viking Games

Fish World is a successful, live social game with decorating & casino gameplay, that has fans from all over the globe.

This gallery includes environmental & prop design, character design, creature design, UI/UX, VFX animations, and concepts.

Game Jam: Tik Tok Tap

A gallery of concepts, animatics, and pitches for Game Jams I’ve participated in.

Game Jam: Avatar Dress-up Pitch

A gallery of concepts & an animatic for an avatar-based dressing game with social features.


A gallery of different animations, in programs like Animate, Harmony, Spine, and more.

Train of Thought

Stir Fry Games

A 3D adventure game for Xbox Arcade (no longer available). This gallery includes 3D models, textures & animations I created during my time with the studio.

Roughs, Pitches & Concepts

A gallery of rough concepts, animatics, rigs/comps, and sketches. While mostly unpolished, I feel these examples showcase my skills, regardless of their final look.