Wood Crafts & Recycled Pieces

I’ve enjoyed getting crafty, recycling old things into art, and trying out different ways to create art since I was young. My dad was very much an avid carpenter when I was growing up. He’d like to say that he was only ever an amateur, but as soon as you get paid for something, you’re a professional!

This page is a collection of wood crafts, recycled frames, unique pieces, handmade air spinners, and painting. Please enjoy!

Indoor/Outdoor Wood Cats

These friendly felines are standees made out of plywood with pine stands. The cats are painted with acrylics, and sealed with an exterior grade sealer. I hand cut, sanded, and painted each of the wood cats; my dad helped me make the standee feet.

Custom painting requests are encouraged for these cats!

Stock Levels:

Siamese Cat Large: $40

Siamese Cat Small $32

Custom Blank Cat Large $40

Custom Blank Cat Small $32

Whirligigs (Air Spinners)

Recycled Finds

Unique Paintings & Wood Crafts


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