Vanessa “Vee” Trepanier

Personal Portfolio

Vee is a mixed media & digital artist that enjoys exploring different mediums and a wide range of subjects. Vee especially enjoys drawing with ink and pen, and building out a world of characters and lore that have been in progress for over a decade. As an artist, an animator, an historian, and a gamer, Vee has an eclectic collection of skills and interests, from woodworking to research, game design to vfx, f2f animation to stop motion.

Most recently, Vee has been a professional 2D artist and animator in the games industry, working for an indie Canadian studio with successful live social games that reach a global audience. During her tenure at BVG, Vee took on the role as production artist, theme planner, senior animator, animation mentor, technical point of contact, lead artist, and outsource manager.

This portfolio showcases various personal projects, ideas, designs, and mockups. Please refer to the contact information below if you would like to get in touch.


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